The Fundación Miguel Delibes, through this site, wishes to provide access to the documents generated or gathered by Miguel Delibes throughout his life. This includes those items related to his profession as a writer. The aim of the Fundación Miguel Delibes is to preserve the documental collection (documentary resources) donated by the children of the writer, to make the collection available to the public to and to promote the study and research of his figure and of his life´s work.

After identifying, organizing and describing the documental collection (documentary resource), the Fundación Miguel Delibes proceeded to digitize all the documents of the Miguel Delibes Archive, as well as linking the digital images to their descriptions using ICA-ATOM, a simple and intuitive archival description software developed according to the standards of the International Council on Archives. All this work has been made possible thanks to a grant awarded by BODEGAS VEGA SICILIA.

In order to know the organization and structure of the Archive, a Classification Table is available. The Archive includes identification cards, a driver’s license, family record books, letters, telegrams, postcards, business cards, original manuscripts, corrected typed copies, documents for class preparation, photographs, slides, maps, audio recordings, and video recordings… These resources are available for your use.

We invite you to know the life and the work of Miguel Delibes through the documents that make up this Archive.


Digital images available to users in this Archive are subject to copyright and are exclusively for private use, in order to study and research, in accordance with the provisions of the Real Decreto Legislativo 1/1996 de 12 de abril, approving the consolidating text of the Ley de Propiedad Intelectual. The use of the images of the Archive´s documents is the user’s responsibility.

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